Should internet access be free in hotels?

Posted on July 3, 2010


wifiThat is an on going question and I didn’t manage to get my head around it yet. But one thing I know is that what I currently see doesn’t make any sense.
Hotels are spending large amount of money to increase the guest experience, upgrading constantly the quality of bed linen, fancy bathroom amenities, sound system, mattress etc. But yet, what is considered as the most important feature for any business traveller (and leisure traveller as a matter of fact) is still charged at often ridiculous rates. Is it a problem of cost of infrastructure? Surely cable TV doesn’t cost less to set-up and yet a common feature provided free of charge for many years in any hotel regardless of the room rate.
In 2010, where more or less everything revolves around the internet and where any traveller need a reliable connection, why hotels are not blindly going for that easy solution to position themselves as a modern and reliable “travel companion”. That is not rocket science innovation.

I am saying this without any back-up or research but I would say that a fast, reliable and free internet connection in a business hotel comes first (together with hot shower and comfortable king size bed) way ahead of a large selection of TV channels.

Anyone with an opinion I would love to hear it.

Fabrice Burtin – July 2010

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