The Apple tone of voice. All in brand.

Posted on July 7, 2010


apple logo in red in backApple has been producing online promotional videos for quite some time for the launch of their products but it is only recently that I have noticed the very controlled tone of voice that they are using across all of them. While, at a glance, it looks very relax and almost random, you quickly realise that it is very carefully scripted and very controlled in its tone. It is all “branded”.

See below two samples of very recent videos released. The first one was produced for the launched of the iPad with exclusively Apple executives involved in the development of the device.
The second one is a video using third party apps developers telling the story about their preferred relationship with Apple.

Check in both videos the tone, the speed of talking, the sound of the vocal cords, the use of words, the passion in the eyes and (probably the most brilliant one) the way they give the impression of being surprised by their own achievements.

So not only that they established a tone of voice for their own communication but they also manage to deliver the same tone when using third parties such as apps developers.

If you look further you will even notice that the key words they use in their video messages are the same than the ones they use in all their print corporate communication. “magical”, “revolutionary”,”incredible, “amazing”, “really easy”. That’s the beauty of Apple. Everything looks so natural and laid back that we forget a huge machine is behind it leaving no stone unturned. Everything is controlled to the tiniest detail. That’s what branding is all about. In the tiniest details.

Fabrice Burtin – July 2010

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