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11 key findings and why Forrest Gump is the ultimate entrepreneur

December 5, 2017


  Early 2016, I’ve embarked on this journey to change a small bit of the world to provide all of us with an app-based social platform that facilitates real life connections through recreational activities. 8 weeks ago, the Playground team gave birth to a sleek and user friendly app for iPhone and Android smartphones that […]

Make your Social Media communication Personal

September 2, 2010


I was reading this statement on Twitter. “The sooner you make your digital marketing personal and human, with stories from and about your customers..the quicker you’ll find success”. I cannot agree more. The way businesses have jumped opportunistically into the Social Media game has always bothered me because I don’t think they are utilising it […]

What did the Internet REALLY change in the hotel industry?

July 12, 2010


The Internet in the hotel industry has been a revolution. No doubt about that. It has completely changed the way we find, discover and book hotels within 10 years. I would personally put the big turning point in 2002. However, how much the Internet has actually improved the bottom line in the hotel industry? Have […]

What happened to Hotmail?

June 4, 2010


Hotmail used to be one of the most powerful brand in the world. It used to be at the forefront of online communication. Early 90’s we all went there to get a personal email address like we all get a Facebook account today. We all got one. But in all honesty, who really desires to […]