Show me your Bathroom Amenities & I will tell you Who You Are

August 22, 2010


When listing the features that really matter in a hotel we usually find: a comfortable bed, a fast/reliable internet connection, a powerful hot shower and great breakfast in the morning. To this coherent list I would like to add the bathroom amenities. It’s like the restrooms in a restaurant, you don’t choose a restaurant because […]

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Hotel Branding is Not a Marketing Function

August 8, 2010


I cannot count the number of times I met an entrepreneur telling me: “I want to create a new hotel brand so I need a logo and a website”. Usually the relationship doesn’t go far or is set up for failure. A Brand is Not a Logo. – A brand is much more than a […]

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Mr and Mrs Smith travel website – thumbs up!

August 2, 2010


mr and mrs smith logo black

I usually do not advertise businesses but I thought that one was so well put together that it deserved to be mentioned. It is rare to see a well designed and appealing third-party travel website and I must say, Mr and Mrs. Smith Boutique and Luxury Hotels Specialists ( does make me want to book. […]

How to brief your communication agency

August 2, 2010


I always like to say that there is no good or bad communication agency. There is first a good brief or a bad brief. What you tell your agency, the way you say it, the level of information you disclose and the relationship you establish with your agency will largely determine the quality of the […]

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I Love Paris / Off-the-cuff

July 29, 2010


Have you ever read a guide book about the city where you grew up? It is so impersonal that you sometimes hardly recognise it. You know the places mentioned but you cannot feel the soul of it. To grab the essence of a city you need to focus your mind on what matters and where […]

Can we copy whatever brand tagline whenever we want?

July 26, 2010


I accidentally discovered this tagline on the top banner of the IHG (InterContinental) website – – The Whatever / Whenever concept has been one of W Hotels‘s brand pillars and what they are known for for many years. IHG could not ignore it. A company like IHG does have massive financial means to develop their […]

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Should hoteliers turn into online geeks?

July 25, 2010


A few days ago, I posted about What the Internet has changed in the hotel industry. I quickly got great comments online and offline from players in the industry that highlighted the fact that it has mostly revolutionized the life of small independent hotels, for the best, but also for the worst. The best because […]