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Should internet access be free in hotels?

July 3, 2010


That is an on going question and I didn’t manage to get my head around it yet. But one thing I know is that what I currently see doesn’t make any sense. Hotels are spending large amount of money to increase the guest experience, upgrading constantly the quality of bed linen, fancy bathroom amenities, sound […]

Independent hotels vs. Global brands. Fair game?

June 28, 2010


I was reading recently this report on “According to the hotel research company MKG Group, over 80,000 hotel rooms have been added to EU hotel supply (reaching 147,000 hotels and 5.2 milions rooms), half of which in Spain, Germany and Italy. According to MKG Hospitality, the EU is experiencing a certain level of restructuring, […]

Budget hotel concepts will transform the hotel industry in Asia

June 26, 2010


Travelling to the East has started in the beginning of the 20th century with the first hotels becoming famous for being the base of some legendary adventurous travel writers such as Graham Greene, Somerset Maugham or Joseph Conrad. The Oriental hotel in Bangkok, Grand Hotel d’Angkor in Siem Reap, The Raffles in Singapore, The Strand […]

Expo 2010 – Where is the magic?

June 24, 2010


I travelled to Shanghai really excited with the idea that for the first time I was going to visit a World’s Fair. The Exposition Universelle… The name itself has something magical to it. It did remind me when I went to the Olympics for the first time in Athens, back in 2004. Both names carry […]

Listen to the kids

June 13, 2010


The reason why innovation is such a challenge for most companies is because our life revolves around preconceived ideas and concepts that we have learnt since young age and accepted them as being the norm. Innovation is a change in thought process, so looking at something from a total new angle does require to put […]

Innovation – victim of certainty

June 9, 2010


The biggest hurdle to innovation, in any industry, remains in the inability of corporations to take risks and longing for certainty. Now-days, unless innovative ideas are backed up by studies, rationals, ROI %, potential market size and endless consumer surveys, they always stay at the idea stage without being implemented. Lost opportunity. By definition, innovation […]

The big iPad idea

June 7, 2010


The iPad has become the best PR tool for the travel industry since the introduction of telephone handsets in hotel rooms or plane business class seats. I cannot remember how many press releases or articles I read about a hotel or airline introducing the iPad for their guests to use. You can hear the “Wow”, […]